B. Kegl

The Java Implementation of the Principal Graph Algorithm

The program generates the skeleton graph of handwritten characters by using the Principal Graph Algorithm. The software can be run as an applet, or as an standalone application by downloading the Java classes (zip), and executing the PrincipalCurve.SkeletonizationGUI class. If you want to experiment with your own data, you have to download and run the program as an application.

For the most serious, the source code (zip) is also available It is free for non-commercial use, and you can apply it to your data, modify it, and integrate it into another program as long as you notify me beforehand. I am not responsible for any implications from the use of this software.

User's manual


If there is a file called pgraph.dta in the same directory as the template bitmap, it will be loaded and used as an initial skeleton graph. It must contain one or several curves in the following format. Each line contains one point, and coordinates of points are separated by a space. Curves are then created by connecting consecutive points. Equal points will be unified to create a graph.


Display (appearance)

You can modify the sizes, colors and types of the points and the curves by choosing the "Appearance -> Colors & sizes..." menu.

Known bugs



For more details: http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~kegl/research/pcurves/



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